Facebook set up an unauthorized billing agreement that I, or no one else in my household set up. This billing agreement was set up by Facebook to steal money from me. I have tried to contact Facebook, but they are just not understanding what the problem is. You guys set up an unauthorized billing agreement using my Facebook account. You charged different amounts of $4, $10 $5 $10 to my account. As a result of your charges listed above, you caused my bank account to incur several insufficient funds fees. I had five (5) insufficient funds fees caused by you guys charging my account. Each fee was $25.00 so $25.00 X’s 5 equals $125.00. I had to pay that $125.00 so I could bring my bank account back up to a zero dollar balance.

I want Facebook to refund me for the insufficient funds fees that I incurred from my bank. My bank said that Facebook Inc would have to pay me back the $125.00 since the fees were caused by fraudulent charges from Facebook.

Facebook needs to do the right thing and pay me back for the fees I incurred in my bank account because of their fraudulent charges.

The contact information for Facebook is:

Mr. Mark Zuckerberg
1601 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
PHONE: 650 543-4800

Facebook Headquarters
156 University Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605
Telephone: (650) 543-4800



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