chase bank mandeville, la hwy 190

Do not do business with this Chase Bank they steel your money, In 2006 I deposited a check in an ATM with Bank One that was acquired by Chase; I had the receipt and the deposit slip. They put the money in my account and a day later took it out claimed they never received the check. I called them and they said contact fraud department so I filed a claim weeks go by and many phone calls and they refuse to give me my money back I even faxed over the company that wrote the check proof that Chase Bank Cashed it. I immediately I closed the account like a normal smart person would. They refused to stop charging me NSF fees after they lost my check. The collections department was calling me over and over harassing me I told them I refuse to pay NSF fees when you lost my check. I checked with a lawyer and he wanted to charge me more than the check to get my money back. I wrote it off… Later in 2010 I started a new business technology company in Mandeville, Louisiana and I was talked into opening a business account with chase again. I put over 15,000 dollars in this account kept finding errors, and one day right before Christmas I am missing over 1000 dollars says on the statement transferred to another account I called every department no one could tell me where my money was or where it went I told them I refuse to put more money in the account until they showed me where my money went, they promised me they would somehow freeze the account until they get me that information, weeks later I see they lied, I had a credit of 00 deposited and the took it all with NSF fees, Over 300 dollars in NSF fees I went to talk to the Mandeville manager in person his name is Eddie, because after many phone calls he would not return my call, I was told he was the only one who because Chase bank made a mistake and the lady I spoke with did not freeze the account like she said she would Eddie was the only one who could reverse the NSF fees even after admitting to me he did not call back and admitted he failed to freeze the account the would not return my NSF fees and refused to close the account because the NSF fees brought the account to a negative balance. He cursed me and told me to leave the bank he lost his cool, as I was walking out he said he is going to close my account in a very angry voice I said good what do I need to sign and he said nothing, the day after I see he still did not close my account and more NSF fees are to be acquired. Please as a nation of good people DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CHASE BANK, YOU COULD BE NEXT , I LOST OVER 2900 DOLLARS BECAUSE CHASE BANK TOOK MY MONEY AND NOW THEY REFUSE TO GIVE IT BACK.. PLEASE IF ANY ONE HAS A SIMULAR STORY WRITE IT DOWN AND LET OTHER PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT BANKS THAT TAKE YOUR MONEY… I WILL BE STARTING A WEB BLOG AND COLLECTING SIMULAR STORIES ON THIS WEB SITE…



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Search Engine Optimization SEO and Pay Click

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Everyone Wants a Viral Video By E Advertising Executives

Why everyone wants a viral video By: Frederick Wust

More evidence of how the proliferation of home-based broadband is changing the media landscape: Wust Says that 57 million Americans watch online video content every day. That’s 19% of American adult Internet users.

Americans between ages 18-29 are the most video-voracious; 31% of them watch online videos every day.

What are American adults watching? News, primarily, followed by comedy, movies or TV, music and surprisingly (to some, I imagine) commercials! 13% of American adults report they have downloaded or watched video ads.

The upshot of Pew’s report is that word of mouth figures prominently in the spread of online video: Two out of three viewers ages 18-29 send links to video files, compared with half of Americans age 30 and older. Forty-two percent of the 18-29 year-olds send video links a few times per month or more. With numbers like that, it’s little wonder that creating a “viral video” is the elusive emerald that so many marketers romance.

Frederick Wust and E Advertising Executives My take on this is two-fold:

  1. You are either old or a laggard if you aren’t producing video-based content on a regular basis. Right now, that makes me an old laggard.
  2. A job title of the future for marketing departments is Video Producer. LA Video SEO, like a news producer at a television station, she decides every day what’s worth covering at the company and produces a short video segment for YouTube, the company blog or even the company intranet.

When the media landscape changes that dramatically, it creates significant ripples. Telling your company’s ongoing story on a daily or weekly basis via online video is looking a lot like the future of marketing and E Advertising Executives.

Frederick Wust (

Social Media Optimization

E Advertising

Our Company E Advertising Creates Advertising for Business Social Media Optimization (SMO) or Social SEO is the methodization of social media activity with the intent of attracting unique visitors to website content. SMO is one of two online methods of website optimization; the other method is search engine optimization or SEO.

There are two categories of SMO that we create for our customers/Social SEO methods:

(a) Social media features added to the content itself, including: RSS feeds, social news and sharing buttons, user rating and polling tools, and incorporating third-party community functionalities like images and videos

(b) Promotional activities in social media aside from the content being promoted, including: blogging, commenting on other blogs, participating in discussion groups, and posting status updates on social networking profiles

E Advertising Social Media Optimization is related to search engine marketing, but differs in several ways, primarily the focus on driving traffic from sources other than search engines, though improved search ranking is also a benefit of successful SMO.

Social Media Optimization is in many ways connected as a technique to viral marketing where word of mouth is created not through friends or family but through the use of networking in social bookmarking, video and photo sharing websites. In a similar way the engagement with blogs achieves the same by sharing content through the use of RSS in the blogosphere and special blog search engines.

Social Media Optimization is considered an integral part of an online reputation management (ORM) or Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) strategy for organizations or individuals who care about their online presence.

E Advertising and Social Media Optimization (SMO), is not limited to marketing and brand building. Increasingly smart businesses are integrating social media participation as part of their knowledge management strategy (ie. product/service development, recruiting, employee engagement and turnover, brand building, customer satisfaction and relations, business development and more). Additionally, Social Media Optimization is oftentimes implemented to foster a community of the associated site, allowing for a healthy business to consumer relationship.

Frederick Wust